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Trying to fill my days with writing something that will be read in schools long after I'm dead. I'll always be remembered then.

The evolution of Tim Drake; I’ll keep it short because it’s mostly about his attitude over the years.

20 years ago when he got his own comic, Tim was not so confident if would be a great partner to Batman but he proved he was more than capable. Also he was very easy to like.

Then after Bruce ‘died’ and Damian became Robin, Tim was having a crisis but found his way to become the Red Robin. By this time he had nothing to prove after leading a team and working many solo, life saving missions. Hated that cowl on the costume but I did like that he had his own ‘Robin’s Nest’ but we never saw any of it because the reboot.

The New 52 Red Robin is something that I’m having a hard time with. This guy is way too cocky. The way his inner monologue goes it seems he’s just bored with everything and is better than everyone. ‘I’m the best at everything that I do’ should be on his clothes. The thing I always liked about Tim was that he was this cyber hacking kid and we saw some of that in the New 52 but I think that’s the only thing I like about him now. The costume needs to be tweaked, get him a proper cape and not those strips of whatever they  are. The rest I’m OK with.

I guess what I really need is a solo Red Robin comic to see him in action on his own so the readers get a better feel for the kid. He’s too much like Batman in the attitude he throws around. Give me some of the old Tim Drake back before the reboot.

As a first time novel writer I just realized…

i have too many copies of one story all over my computer. Its too confusing.

I need to keep my stuff all in one place to make sure i’m on the right page per se to tell this one story.

took a peek at the leaked Doctor Who season show this August

and the credits read Matt Smith and I yelled “LIES” at the screen.

now i know how people felt about the end of the Ten era.

so tired but i must get up and get new comics.

I think I’m going to have a day off from my writing. I have a lunch planned with a buddy and then the World Cup. Probably not even going to open my computer at all. Not sure if I’m going to feel guilty for not writing.


Truth bomb.


Truth bomb.

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This is about Art INFLUENCING my Life.

A long time ago in the late 80’s I was an avid fan of the mutant comics from Marvel especially the New Mutants. For some reason I felt like I could relate better to them and they did have a black, teenage boy on the roster (Sunspot) and at the time I was a black, teen myself (you see the connection?) and one issue the artist drew the cover of ‘So’ somewhere in the book. Me being me meant that I had to get the “tape” as well (it was over 25 years ago) and see what my favorite mutants were listening to.  In retrospect it was probably the artist favorite tape and happened to be listening to it as he drew said panel. Well to this very day it is one of the best albums in history and I’m so glad that I had the tape, then to CD and now download.

2 summers ago, Earth 2 came out and showed the world a brand new Flash and as you can see the art is flawless. I needed a new pair of sneakers and I kept on looking at the panel above over and over again. I have always been very conservative with my shoes, as a matter of fact when I bought my first pair of none white kicks I was nervous about it for whatever reason. So I went the store this go around and thought I’ll get some red ones this time. Well that took weeks of asking people what they thought about that and sending them pics via Skype to get feedback. In the end I got them.

Now this past spring I was thinking I need a new pair of ‘Chucks’ i mean 7 pairs aren’t enough, are they? Now Hawkeye is one of the best books on the market and I will admit the first dozen or so issues are some of the best writing in the last 5 years, I think that Matt Fraction really shines in this series more so than his others and maybe because he is showing a very flawed man just trying to live his days by being the best he can be. I dunno. But as the first 2 collected editions came out I saw a little bit of my life in Clint’s life. No, I’m not a superhero or even pretend to be but as in the book sometimes life just throws things at you and no matter how you try to control it, you really can’t. The best you can do is hold on and ride it out. Bad choices turn into worse choices sometimes because you really didn’t think it through and along the way you might hurt the ones that love you. Yes, I got all of that from a comic book. So feeling in kin with this fictional character at this point of my life I thought it would be cool if I got purple ‘Chucks’ and maybe a matching t-shirt. (definitely a long way from when i was anxious on buying black Nikes). After hearing from my girlfriend to my brother and father to complete strangers if a lavender pair was too effeminate or not, I got a pair but I still can’t find the right shirt. I will admit I got couple of comments from a couple of men on how “Beautiful” that color. Maybe they are a bit girly but I’m way too old to care.

Long story on how comic books affect my life and purchases.


Marvel Universe Trading Cards Series IV 1993

does anyone remember this love triangle?

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