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Trying to fill my days with writing something that will be read in schools long after I'm dead. I'll always be remembered then.

Bono and The Edge gave you a gift…

if you have an iTunes account, it’s in your ‘cloud’. go figure.

I wanted to be Robin when I was 5. I like the look of this one but all Robins should have a cape. that’s the 5 year old me talking.

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Treating my writing as my job…

Today I started treating my writing as a job. One that I had to get up, shit, shower and shave and then head to the office. Set goals for what I wanted to accomplish and hopefully be a better, disciplined and productive writer. Instead of what i’ve been for the past 4 years which was a lazy lump who treated his writing as a hobby and just dream about being a really good author that is a household name. 

I know a few comic writers personally that rent a space and go to the office and deal with their writing career.  I used to think ‘why do that? you can write anywhere’ but I now know that doing it as a job you have to go to mentally prepares you that this is work, even if you’re not getting paid for it…yet.

Scott Tipton, who used to write Star Trek and Doctor Who rents a small office somewhere in LA. I also know for a fact that Geoff Johns and Jeph Loeb (2 very big names in DC and Marvel right now) used to rent and share a bungalow in Sherman Oaks just to do their separate writing projects.

My ‘office’ is the local library where I will go every morning at 9 and sit across from Charles, a man I befriended there who is also writing a book. I hope that I can feed off his energy and focus to get me through my first book in a timely fashion. Today I spent a half day because I didn’t sleep last night at all and I’m exhausted and it’s not even 8 PM yet. I hope to finish my 1st draft before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck!

JL8 Creator Yale Stewart may receive Cease & Desist

I know i’m late with this news. I really do like this webcomic but to show women your dick online? C’mon Yale, get your shit together.

“Even bad books are books, and therefore sacred.”

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Music Video: Baby Groot Dancing to Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

just to give you something to smile about.


if i miss, it means i’m just another dude with a bow. it means i’ve been fooling myself this whole time.

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